We want a health and economy partnership to realise the potential of our cutting edge industry and knowledgeable NHS professionals to streamline and accelerate development of new health technologies and demonstrate their effectiveness to solve real-life health challenges, improve patient outcomes and grow NI’s economic prosperity. This includes legislation to unlock health data for commercial use.

Mission Statement

In 2011 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the departments agreeing closer engagement for prosperity and health.

Health and Economy working in partnership Image

Health and Economy working in partnership

We want to see a dynamic Health-Economy partnership to create a framework for industry-health collaboration beyond research, so the knowledge assets and capabilities in health can become an innovation and economic driver. This includes will help retain staff, develop new skills, empower patients, attract in-kind funding and investment and accelerate transformation of the health service to reduce waiting lists, and improve access and outcomes.

An Innovation leader Image

An Innovation leader

The sector needs an Innovation Lead in the Department of Health to ensure HSC-NI is connected and can benefit from and drive the ecosystem. This includes pushing through executive legislation so anonymised health data can be utlised for both research and commercial purposes to inform earlier detection of disease and better health outcomes

Cohesive infrastructure Image

Cohesive infrastructure

We need cluster infrastructure to connect with SMEs/academics and grow the ecosystem through horizon scanning, problem-solution sharing and building skills capabilities in areas such as  analytics, precision diagnostics and biomarkers.

City Deals Image

City Deals

We support a joined up approach of all the health and life science City Deals for business engagement so external partners can see the strategic value of clinical trials, connected health, one-Health and health data.

Regulatory advocate for NI Image

Regulatory advocate for NI

To capitalise on the unique access and clear regulatory process to EU and UK market we need a regulatory advocate for Northern Ireland. This will ensure we are attractive for foreign direct investment, influence our strategic position with MHRA, HPRA and EMA – as well as the UK government and EU to ensure equitable access to clinical trial medicines and accelerate NI medtech product’s route to market.