Our offering

The Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland (HIRANI) was established to strengthen the Life & Health Sciences ecosystem by maintaining a clear vision and strategic direction, and to act as a single voice for the sector with a focus on promoting Life and Health sciences capabilities in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is ready to innovate, collaborate and push the boundaries of health innovation with partners locally and internationally. Acting as a visible interface for Life & Health Sciences research, we can help capitalise on major opportunities, tackle barriers to growth, and advocate for the health and wealth of the region.

HIRANI help facilitate an increase in commercial research and innovation activity in Northern Ireland by addressing complex barriers to allow the translation of research into tangible patient benefit and value for the economy, and exploit Northern Ireland’s clinical trials capability and infrastructure. This means a greater number of opportunities for industry, working collaboratively with the Health and Social Care on clinical trials, digital health initiatives, and research and development, both in Northern Ireland and more widely.

This influential alliance ensures Northern Ireland is well connected with wider UK and international organisations, and encourages a more coordinated sector that supports business growth and a consolidated offering. We also enable the development of sectoral collaboration on funding opportunities within and outside Northern Ireland.