13 Apr 2022

Medicines Discovery Catapult Virtual Visit to NI

The visit was organized by the Health Innovation Research Alliance NI (HIRANI) along with Innovate UK in partnership with Invest NI, Catalyst and Matrix. It was also supported by NWCAM (North West Centre for Advanced Manufacturing).

The virtual event was hosted by Joann Rhodes CEO HIRANI and other speakers included:

  • Fiona McLaughlin (J&J – Innovation)
  • Aaron Cranston (Almac Discovery)
  • Rob Grundy – (MATRIX chair & MIRA Life Science Ventures)
  • Graeme Wilkinson (MDC)
  • Introduction to medicines discovery in NI and the  MDC
    • Welcome and overview of life and health sciences in NI (Joanne Rhodes, HIRANI)
    • Overview of Catalyst (Elaine Smyth, Catalyst)
    • Experiences of building a life and health sciences company in NI/Catalyst  (Dr David Ribeiro, ProAxsis)
    • Overview of the MDC (Dr Graeme Wilkinson, MDC)
    • Working with the MDC - A NI company's experience  (Prof Helen McCarthy, PHion Therapeutics)
    • Audience Q&A (Chaired by Joanne Rhodes, HIRANI)
  • Developing a patient-centric target product profile
    • Dr Graeme Wilkinson  (MDC)
    • Audience  Q&A

The event is now available to view.