13 Apr 2022

Forging Partnerships for Health and Wealth

“We are working to create an innovation partnership between health and economy to support health and wealth outcomes for all the people of NI and to maximise the 10X vision, city and growth deal investment,” said Joann Rhodes, CEO of the Health Innovation Research Alliance NI (HIRANI) following the signing this week of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Alliance of British Health Tech Industry (ABHI).

HIRANI and ABHI have also established the NI HealthTech Leaders’ Forum, an alliance of health technology leaders who will raise the profile of HealthTech and address obstacles that limit positive benefits to health and social care transformation and economic growth.

“We will work collaboratively with stakeholders to find tangible solutions to key health and social care challenges and to unlock global networks to promote, and exchange, knowledge and skills,” said Joann.

The forum also agreed to support skills to grow life sciences business development and to work together to unlock the regulatory opportunity for NI with access to both UK and EU markets

The forum, made up of 10 NI HealthTech, will meet three times a year along with invited experts and guests.

The Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland (HIRANI) was established to strengthen the life and health Sciences ecosystem by maintaining a clear vision and strategic direction, and to act as a single voice for the sector with a focus on promoting life and health sciences capabilities in Northern Ireland.

HIRANI have also signed an MOU with the Health Innovation Hub Ireland.

ABHI is the UK’s leading industry association for health technology, including medical devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies and supports the HealthTech community to save and enhance lives. Members, including both multinationals and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), supply products from syringes and wound dressings to surgical robots and digitally enhanced technologies. It represents the industry to stakeholders, such as the government, NHS and regulators.

ABHI has signed MOUs with a number of regional and national organisations including Birmingham Health Partners, Leeds City Region, Manchester Health and Care Partnership, Cambridge University Partners and the University of Strathclyde.


Pictured are Joann Rhodes and Richard Phillips at the Memorandum of Understanding signing between HIRANI and ABHI.