13 Apr 2022

Fireside chat: Advanced medicines

Linking up gene therapy capabilities and opportunities in Northern Ireland and beyond.

The field of Advanced Medicines is a quickly evolving space that is soon to reach the mainstream healthcare system. New therapies and new delivery systems will be required to meet these needs. The latest HIRANI Fireside chat focuses on developing the knowledge network across Northern Ireland and the options available to innovating companies and researchers in the advanced medicines sector to interact with other clusters locally, nationally and globally.

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The panel discussion is chaired by Joann Rhodes, HIRANI CEO and features:

  • Dr Francesca Gliubich – Director, London Advanced Therapies Network
  • Professor Danny McAuley – Professor and Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital and Queen’s University of Belfast and  Clinical Lead of the QUB Clinical Cell Therapy Facility
  • Professor Tara Moore - Professor of Personalised Medicine, chair at Ulster University in Northern Ireland and Chief R&D Officer for Avellino Labs
  • Dr Christina O’Neill – CEO VascVersa
  • Professor Alan Stitt – Dean of Innovation & Impact and the McCauley Chair of Experimental Ophthalmology at Queen’s
  • Gary Parker - Business Development Director, Biocair