CEO Dr. Roisin Molloy talks about the ethos of the company Image

CEO Dr. Roisin Molloy talks about the ethos of the company

“We look healthcare challenges in the eye and make a promise to protect people and planet through meaningful technology.

We are inspired by our own first-hand experience of the challenges of healthcare. By asking the right questions, and applying fresh thinking in science and technology,

We solve simple but critical, everyday problems.”

Founded in 2016, TriMedika manufactures the most accurate clinical devices for hospitals worldwide. Inspired by first-hand experience of the challenges of healthcare and applying fresh thinking to solve simple but critical everyday issues, the company’s vision is to improve patient care globally with technology that safeguards patients and carers.

The company’s flagship product, Tritemp, a medically graded professional non-contact thermometer – CE marked and manufactured in Europe – is a precision engineered tool designed to positively impact patient care and control infection across healthcare globally. Whilst there was a clear need for the product before the pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis has further highlighted the infection risks associated with contact.

Today, TriMedika supplies to hospitals in 21 countries through its distribution partners. The company also has exciting plans to enter the US market in 2022.

“Tritemp, non-contact thermometer is used worldwide in clinical settings. It is a precision-engineered tool, designed to positively impact and better manage infection across healthcare globally.

“We want to directly improve the lives of patients, nurses, hospitals, healthcare and the planet. Frontline staff deserve the best tools so that they can in turn, deliver the highest patient care.”