Our first Company of the Month for 2023 is Connected Health.

Director of Stakeholder engagement, Rachel Brammer and Director of Technology, Rebecca Vogel talk to us about the development of technology enabled care in the homecare space. There is an ageing population that is increasing the demand for homecare but there just simply aren’t enough people, so must evolve on how we deliver that care to become more of a hybrid model including technology enabled care.

Connected Health has a head office in Belfast another one in Tallaght, Dublin. Connected Health 2.0 is a brand-new innovative hybrid model of homecare which blends technology with physical care. They develop new pathways for patient discharge using digital solutions for the NHS and HSE as well as a private offering for those wanting to have complete peace of mind for their loved ones at home.

One of the biggest reasons for hospital admissions for patients over 75 years is falls often associated with poor medication adherence and early onset infection. ‘We have partnered with 3 innovative solutions to tackle these problems‘’, Director of Technology, Rebecca Vogel tells us:

  1. Yourmeds medication management system which provides a prompt that allows independent management of medication within the home. There is an escalation pathway if medication is missed with alerts being sent to next of kin.
  2. Pacsana activity monitoring bracelet with built in falls detection to notify family and next of kin. The data collected from activity and rest can provide key information that allows us to provide preventative care models and work further upstream.
  3. Feebris clinical grade monitoring tool collects Early Warning Scores which can indicate early signs of infection. We can then provide the right intervention in the comfort of the patients home and avoid the patient being readmitted to hospital.

“By 2050, the world’s ageing population is expected to double in size. Ultimately, the vision behind 2.0 is for patients to receive the care and treatment they need to remain safe in their own home . We can do that by using a technology enabled care for those than are suitable and reallocate that physical care to those that need it.

There is no technology enabled care budget across Ireland which Connected Health is looking to change. If the ecosystem worked together especially with collaborative groups like HIRANI, we could all drive this change,” explains Rachel.

Our carers are the backbone of our business and we have the best proven by Noleen Carey, from Connected Health, who won the Carer of the Year award at Home and Community Care Ireland Awards 2022. Rebecca described Noleen as “A glowing example of what it means to be a carer and is constantly going over and above to deliver high level of care to her clients. We are delighted that this is the second year running that a Connected Health carer has won this award”.

Rachel would like the future of healthcare to focus on patient centricity with their needs as opposed to a one-size fits all. ‘’Home is the future of healthcare and we are in a great position to deliver’’.

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